Credit bureau – information on creditworthiness

The creditworthiness of bank customers The credit bureau is a service offered by databases such as end-to-end knowledge company to provide adequate information on the creditworthiness of bank customers. When a bank receives a request for a loan, such as a personal loan or a mortgage for the purchase of a property, the first step […]

Get informed to avoid credit and money problems

  Each person is different. Each financial situation is necessarily complex, and deserves to be studied according to its profile. Our files are there to guide you in your choices, or give you ideas. How to choose a bank Make a loan abroad Credit Europe: European loan, demand for money in the European Union Credit […]

What is the best way to get out of your debts? | Debt Consolidation

  Times to buy things on credit or obtain loans The great ease in these times to buy things on credit or obtain loans, has caused many people to borrow quickly. If you are up to date in your installments, there is no problem, but when you fall behind and the debt starts to grow, […]

Credit for playing poker, credit for playing at the casino

The disease of the game exists, ludopathy. Affected individuals, to continue playing gambling, are ready to make loans, to borrow, to continue to satisfy their dependence. It’s nice to play a game of money, but certainly not on credit! Especially when there is one who cheats. Summary Credit to play, credit game Ludophy: how do […]

Loan Insurance with Independent Broker

Reduce the cost of home loan insurance Since the creation in 1831 of Henerallye in Trieste, the insurance company has become one of the leading European insurance groups today, established worldwide with more than 100 companies in 70 countries for approximately 30 million customers, Henerallye France, is the 2nd insurance group in France and the […]

Operating leasing: how does it work? The use of goods without redemption

    Operating lease is a specific type of financial transaction The operating lease is a specific type of financial transaction that allows the purchase of the use of goods and services of which, however, it is not possible to redeem at the end of the stipulation contract. Unlike financial leasing, in fact, the operating […]

The nightmares that prevent you from applying for a mortgage loan

When you think about buying an apartment, the first feeling is to be fulfilling a dream, but then certain doubts invade you and you end up postponing that idea. And is that just thinking about everything that can go wrong, you are discouraged and prefer to continue in your current situation. Don’t be scared, this […]

Offer loan insurance for all borrowers

Prevent yourself against risks with loan insurance The Pasurean insurance company has specialized in the distribution of loan insurance contracts for more than 10 years. In 2010, 2011 and 2012, she received the “Label of Excellence” from the recognition of the quality and the cost/guarantee ratio of her insurance contracts. Pasurean offers insurance products to […]

Swiss credit with instant confirmation.

There is nothing special about taking out a loan. In general, borrowing is easily possible, but only if you meet all the requirements of German banks. This includes proof of a regular income and a permanent employment, as well as an unobtrusive Credit bureau information. In the case of credit processing, the examination of the […]