Credit without proof or pay slip

“I’m looking for a credit without proof, ” Minga Credit can do it to me. This Yoabank advertisement denouncing the excesses of credit companies is hypocritical: competitors are not less responsible than Yoabank. The denounced abuses are all heavily punished by the law.

Minga Credit, fictitious irresponsible credit for advertising reasons

Minga Credit, fictitious irresponsible credit for advertising reasons

Credit is based on the trust that the lender gives to the credit applicant. To be confident, the bank needs proof that proves the good faith of the applicant or the soundness of his project.

obtain a deposit or a credit guarantee Positive file article, I only ask to discuss with you, it seems that for some, sowing these data “confidential” to the four winds is a problem. I am of course not agree, as the positive file remains something reserved for credit applications.

Here, Minga Credit offers a credit for seniors. “Do not worry about repayments, your family can do that for you.” There is no age limit according to Minga Credit.

It is true that this limit does not exist legally, but that the majority of the banks practice it: “to make pay the family” being not something sure for the bank, she would not be obliged to pay the debts of the deceased that if she would like to inherit her material goods, like the house, the car.┬áIf the family does not want any of this, including because it already had nothing at the base, the bank will have only his eyes to crying his money lent.

The latest ad, where there is talk of a revolution in credit: the loan over several generations. Obviously impossible, for the same reasons as credit for old.

The loan without justification exists legally,

The loan without justification exists legally,

This is called the personal loan, without request for justification of purchase. Yoabank, with Minga Credit, gives us a nice exercise in black humor and irony. This humor obviously goes pretty badly with people who are confronted with over-indebtedness, or who are harassed by the ushers sent by Yoabank, for example.

After what are you going to do a credit at Yoabank after seeing this ad? Mystery. In any case, the state wants to moralize more and more consumer credit in France, Yoabank just enjoys the wave of beautiful way to position itself on a corporate image responsible. Not to be confused with ethical finance, which is truly imbued with a solidarity conscience.

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