Swiss credit with instant confirmation.

There is nothing special about taking out a loan. In general, borrowing is easily possible, but only if you meet all the requirements of German banks. This includes proof of a regular income and a permanent employment, as well as an unobtrusive Credit bureau information. In the case of credit processing, the examination of the Credit bureau data is an integral part; anyone who has a negative Credit bureau entry can not get a loan. The solution: a Swiss credit without Credit bureau information and without Credit bureau entry is awarded and even in spite of negative Credit bureau is possible. Read for a critique

Swiss credit without Credit bureau information & without Credit bureau entry

Swiss credit without Credit bureau information & without Credit bureau entry

Since the Credit bureau only plays a role in lending in Germany, it is possible to apply for a loan from Switzerland, which is awarded without examination of the data at the Credit bureau. The so-called Swiss credit is also called credit without Credit bureau and is especially interesting for German consumers who have a negative entry in the Credit bureau. However, since the Swiss loan not only a query of Credit bureau is waived, but also on the endorsement of the loan itself, a loan from Switzerland is also interesting for consumers who have a good Credit bureau information and with ease a loan from German banks would receive. Nevertheless, more and more borrowers are opting for a Swiss loan, because many consumers are looking for a small sideline, which should not appear in the Credit bureau or should not influence it. In most cases, the loan from Switzerland will be chosen if there is another large financing or important loan in the near future, such as mortgage lending. The Swiss loan, as the name implies, is awarded by banks in Switzerland. In the past, almost every Credit bureau-free loan came from Switzerland, but banks from other European countries now also lend out a loan without Credit bureau, so today the term Swiss credit is more likely to qualify for a Credit bureau-free loan than specifically for a loan from Switzerland.

Credit bureau-free loans from Switzerland – Ideal for everyone!

First and foremost, Swiss credit is still directed at German consumers, who otherwise have no opportunity to obtain a loan. This group of people is the core clientele of European banks that grant loans without Credit bureau. Although the loan from Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg or another European nation is issued without a purpose, no more than 3,500 or 5,000 euros can be requested. Any Swiss citizen who is at least 18 years of age can apply for a Swiss permanent residence in Germany and provide proof of a regular income and an undeclared employment.

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